Sebastian Studnitzky

Originally, he comes from the Black Forest. Now he lives in Berlin and works with renowned artists on an international level. "I used to be just a jazz trumpeter", says Sebastian Studnitzky. However, in the course of his musical career, he has opened a lot of doors: Now he is proficient in a variety of musical styles and has developed into a unique multiinstrumentalist.

There is a unique sound, a special type of emotionas well as a certain minimalistic character that makes the listening experience more intimate at the heart of Sebastian Studnitzky's music – real up close. Whether playing the trumpet or the piano, he gives the songs an unusual tone colour: simple, soft, flowing and restrained but nevertheless intense and haunting.

It is his sound, his creative restlessness, his musical range, his exactness and his energy that characterize Sebastian Studnitzky as a musician.