Benny Greb's - Moving Parts / New album out soon

28. October 2014 - 19:00 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Benny has made up his mind to concentrate on his band. It was his fine musical instincts that brought him together with the UK musicians Kit Downes (keys) and Chris Montague (git.). Kit Downes was nominated ‘Rising Star’ by the Downbeat Magazine in 2013. Aside from being an excellent guitarist, Chris Montague also excels as a composer and has been appointed an associate member of the Royal Academy of Music. The trio has called its band MOVING PARTS. Focussing on intense interaction, the musicians have dedicated themselves to a groove-oriented sound overlaid with jazzy improvisation - electronic transparency meets dirty indie sound.

The net is full of stunning videos, check them out! The tour starts in November 2014!!