Concerts at the weekend 27th & 28th of October

26. October 2017 - 22:56 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Jeff Cascaro and his band are already on site in Bremerhaven, going through a final rehearsal for their new program Love & Blues in the City. The thrill of anticipation amongst the musicians is palpable, as they are preparing for the first performance of their new set, tomorrow 27th of October, 19 h at the Stadthalle in Bremerhaven. On that same evening Benny Greb will fill his vehicle to the brim with drum equipment and take off to the Netherlands to play at the Keifestival with his band Moving Parts on October the 28th. Take a pick, take a journey, it surely will be worth the effort – either way, or both ways.


photographs: Jim Rakete