Les Brünettes selling out the Kulturetage in Oldenburg

11. February 2018 - 19:07 -- Rüdiger Herzog

It is not quite business as usual for the manager of a record label to be able to just plunk down in your chair, relax and listen to the organizers announcing: “Welcome to the concert with Les Brünettes, which has been sold out completely for weeks.” The Kulturetage in Oldenburg being a rather distinguished venue accommodating up to 500 seated guests. After the concert, which was rewarded with a thunderous applause, one could meet the four radiant young women a the CD stand, signing their latest release. Sometimes it is just that simple. But then one should not forget that Les Brünettes have been collecting stage experience for months now, constantly polishing and improving their show “The Beatles-Close up”, imprinting their very own, and one may say, very female style on to these mostly well-known Beatles-songs. Already Les Brünettes are invited back to the Kulturetage on January 18th 2019. Many thanks to the team there!