Lily Dahab at Radio Eins Berlin

27. June 2018 - 13:32 -- Rüdiger Herzog

As a singer Lily Dahab is more than used to holding a microphone in her hands. One more reason for her and her piano player/arranger Bene Aperdannier to be as comfortable as delighted about being invited for an interview at Radio Eins. Here – close to the microphone and clearly relaxed – she could talk about her new CD Bajo un mismo cielo and explain her musical world. The programme is called Lokalmatador (´local hero´) and is a perfect fit for a musician originally from Argentina, and now at home in Berlin. You may call Lily´s music a skilful mix of all kinds of Latin styles and jazz. As an Argentine she has many a wonderful story to tell about the musical heritage of her native country – alas and as of recent not so much about it´s football. Lily lives for and carries both worlds in her heart and emphasizes that in the Latin world grief and sorrow have a way of being turned into something positive.