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The Nighthawks have created a finely contoured, aesthetic concept in the span of their more than 20 years of work: Music for travellers. The catchy songs of the quintet are very clear, reduced mood images, which often refer to real and fictitious places in the world. The pull of almost all songs lies in the longing, triggered by the sound of the trumpet, which is again and again the leitmotif of a musically pulsating journey. Seen in this light, the music of the Nighthawks is a road movie, one that the band is now bringing to the stage with their magnificent seventh studio album 707.

All those listeners who travel through life with their eyes open, who may even have travelled with the Boeing 707 themselves - because this is where the reference to the album title comes from - will understand the music of the Nighthawks. Perhaps also because the first rock stars once descended the gangway of the 707. Just think of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Stones. Nighthawks haven't forgotten this spirit of the past, they still breathe it today.

The band, however, makes instrumental music, but they are not afraid to let their gaze wander over the landscape from the cockpit. This farsighted, always variable sound language has earned the Nighthawks three German Jazz Awards. The award-winning band sound draws on jazz, rock, electronic and pop. Get on a nice ascent with the music of the album 707 - ready for boarding?