Bajo un mismo cielo


Bajo un mismo cielo

Herzog Records
Soulfood / Believe
HER 901074

Ragna-B. Siegel


Herzog Booking

Rüdiger Herzog

- Bajo un mismo cielo
(engl.: Beneath a Sky Shared)

„In my world there are no borders, no flags. In my world the colour of one´s skin, or their religion don´t matter”, Lily Dahab sings. “We are all children of earth coming from the same roots, sharing the same sky.” Underneath this sky Lily Dahab and her multinational band have put together a body of songs from her native country Argentina, as well as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Spain, the timbres and rhythms of Chacarera, Zamba, Tango, Candombe, Samba, Bossa, Bolero and Flamenco – and in their very unique way infused them with jazz flavours.
Her third album Bajo un misimo cielo is a deeply moving plea for creative togetherness in a peaceful world, as well as a treasure chest of musical gems from seven decades.

While Huellas largely was an homage to the broad musical heritage of her native Argentina, the focus on Bajo un misimo cielo expands to the whole of the Latin world, including the Portuguese speaking realms. Furthermore the quartet is complemented by Camilo Villa Robles from Columbia on electric bass, as well as numerous guest appearance.

“Beneath a Sky Shared” - that, beyond its universal scope, the title of Lily Dahab´s new album also has a very concrete and tangible meaning to her, becomes clear, as she relates her experiences of encountering refugees during her German lessons in community college: “I was deeply touched by the stories of a sixteen-year-old teenage girl, who had come here on her own. Reminding me of my grandfather arriving in Argentina with just his suitcase. When one is confronted with the fate of a human being on a direct and personal level, all categories and prejudices vanish.” Bajo un misimo cielo lends this conviction a musical voice – this album truly is a firmament of sound, each song a star, shining in equal right and lights.