blanco y negro


blanco y negro

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Soulfood / Believe
901048 HER

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Rüdiger Herzog

- blanco y negro

Since the mid-eighties, his artistic output has grown into a considerable body of work: five albums under his own name, music for film, collaborations with pop stars including Rosa, El Cigala, Maria Serrano and Carles Benavent and, finally, a meeting with his idol Paco de Lucia at the Leverkusener Jazztage. His concerts have received standing ovations all over Europe. In the last few years, Rafael Cortés has fulfilled one of his lifetime dreams by setting up his own studio. The serenity and artistic freedom he gained from this move was already evident on his “Parando El Tiempo” album as well as the follow-up album “Cagiñi”. Now, the outstanding guitarist has delivered “blanco y negro”, yet another album overflowing with enthusiasm, serenity and aplomb, not forgetting emotional grandeur.

Once again, the outstanding master of the guitar takes us on a journey through the many colourful Flamenco styles, from clarity of light to deep sadness, just like the title says. The 8 original compositions on the CD cover a broad range of emotions.