Love & Blues in the City


Love & Blues in the City

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- Love & Blues in the City

Photo shoots are exhausting—even for a jazz singer with an outgoing nature. But Jeff Cascaro, who is passionate and professional in all aspects of the music business, gave 100% to his recent shoot, because that's what you do when you're dedicated to a project. Passion and professionalism have guided the production of Cascaro's latest album, “Love & Blues in the City”. Cascaro, now visibly relaxed, sits at a rooftop terrace bar in Berlin, listening keenly—and with an almost childlike awe—to the crooning Nat King Cole.

“Sensational! Nat King Cole has such an incredible balance," says Cascaro. "An unbelievable voice, always inside the music—to me, a perfect singer. For decades this was the key thing in jazz: an interpretation of great songs. All the great singers had this ability to create a sense of intimacy even when performing with big bands. Ella, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Sinatra, Joe Williams, and Tony Bennett celebrated the art of timeless and beautiful music!”

Cascaro's passion for music shines through—as he rhapsodizes about his musical idols and the history of jazz. The same passion pulses through Love & Blues in the City. In contrast to his previous soul-jazz recordings, Love & Blues in the City offers a subtle, laid-back feeling, with touches of classic jazz phrasing and artistry.

“The time was ripe to record a more jazzy and intimate album. I wanted to put a stronger emphasis on the voice and its delicacies.” In keeping with that, Cascaro changed and reduced the line-up of his band—creating space for nuances and a more detailed approach. The piano features renowned jazz cats Roberto Di Gioia and Hendrik Soll. On drums we hear Jörg Achim Keller and Flo Dauner. And Christian von Kaphengst—the album's producer—holds down the bass chair. A classic quartet recording, providing each performer with plenty of well-deserved creative space.

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