Love & Blues in the City


Love & Blues in the City

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- Love & Blues in the City

The passion with which Jeff Cascaro talks about his musical role models and the history of jazz is contagious and stirring and it beads out of every pore of "Love & Blues in the City". In contrast to previous soul jazz albums, it has become airier and finer in the nuances, a turn to classical jazz singing: "The time was ripe to record a more jazzy, perhaps even more intimate record. I had the desire to put the voice more strongly in the foreground." In the process, he changed the line-up and reduced it to what was necessary - thus creating the space for the loving details. Roberto Di Gioia and Hendrik Soll sit at the piano with proven Jazz Cats. On the drums Jörg Achim Keller and Flo Dauner. Bassist and producer of the album is Christian von Kaphengst. A quartet recording! And the production really gives all participants the sound space they deserve.

The meeting of the top musicians in the studio was meticulously prepared and yet great importance was attached to "playing" the music: "Not all parts of the recording are fixed, there should definitely be room for ideas and spontaneity. Jazzy liveliness and dynamics should be preserved and are simply important to me". "Intensive", says the singer, "was the song selection. We tested a tremendous amount of material. It was our idea to find a timbre that could be applied to all songs and also musically implemented." 10 songs have become final: 7 cover songs and 3 original compositions. All songs revolve around the theme Love & Blues and are dressed in an urban, modern sound, both stylistically confident and original - and always true to the old wisdom that a song is only truly interpreted if a musician has made it his own.

With Jörg Achim Keller, the internationally renowned arranger and drummer, and Christian von Kaphengst, the bassist of Till Brönner, Jeff Cascaro has brought two people with a sensitive touch for arrangements. Gripping, swinging moments stand next to extremely delicately interpreted ballads.

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