Nighthawks - ONLY (vocal tunes 2004 - 2016)


Nighthawks - ONLY (vocal tunes 2004 - 2016)

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- Nighthawks - ONLY (vocal tunes 2004 - 2016)

The Nighthawks achieved some wonderful results in the long span of their career creating vocal tunes, now for the first time bundled in the compilation ONLY (Vocal Tunes 2004-2016).The band has invited selected singers to the studio over the years, which certainly changed the sound of the band to world music. As there are the great Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek and Sting guitarist Dominic Miller on the track "Male Tesknoty", or the Serbian singer Emilia Istvan with the Balkan anthem "Ederlezi". Besides that, US singer Shannon Callahan and De-Phazz singer PatAppleton with some cool-lounge performing. The Brazilian Patricia Cruz adds a feathery light number and Jeff Young from Los Angeles, long-time member of Jackson Browne, Steely Dan and Bonnie Raitt, performs marvelously on "Happy Days". In this cosmos of a total of eleven groove accentuated vocal tracks that fit perfectly to the summer and classics like "Descend", "Here we are", "Definethe day", relaxed tunes like "A California", vocals by Dal Martino, the producer and bassist of the Nighthawks blend in. Such as the Bob Dylan classic "Man in the long black coat". This compilation is a 'got to have' for the sunny days of the year.